2016Mar22 Steering Team

The meeting began at 7pm, with Joseph opening in prayer. The first order of business was a report from Melanie, who spent the past week calling realtors and realty companies to ask them to submit a proposal to represent the church. We briefly talked about some of the submissions we had already received, and discussed the decision-making process. Based on a unanimous consensus, as well as a recommendation from the elders and senior staff, a hierarchical ranking system was decided on, with each member individually ranking each submission, then coming together as a team to see if we have any consensus.
Based on Sunday’s sermon, and extended discussions, the team committed to a corporate fast which will enable us to grow more in-tune with what God’s will is for the congregation. Additionally, we agreed to pray on Tuesday at noon, while also fasting from whatever we are each individually convicted to give up. Our hope is that this will continue to ingrain in us that this is God’s project, not ours, and that we are seeking HIS will in everything we do.
Additional discussion was devoted to the purpose of the Steering Team outside of looking for a new building. We are all excited about what God has in store for SMBC, and each of us feels uniquely called to lead in some capacity. We hope that as we draw closer to God, that He will continue to show us His plan for where SMBC should be, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
We are all excited about the future of the church, and hope the entire congregation will join with us in praying on Tuesdays at noon, as well as fasting in some manner over the next few days, weeks, and months.

In attendance: John Wells, Robert Brady, Al Johnson, Cheryl Stafford, Jennifer Cava, Joseph Miller, Craig Bishop, Melanie Courtney, Jeremiah St. Clair

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  1. Leigh Anne Langston says:

    Fasting and praying along with you guys.

    Is searching for property the only objective of this group? What about other areas, processes, systems, and programs at SMBC?

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