August 11th 2019

Looking Back
     In John 5:16-30, Jesus demonstrated His love by being absolutely, unapologetically clear about His own identity. He could have obfuscated. His intelligence was so far beyond those challenging Him, that He could have completely befuddled and confused them. He could have concealed who He really was a little longer and enjoyed an extended season of peace. But it was time. He loved them enough to tell them the complete truth that they did not want to hear. He told them:

I have a special, unique connection with the Father;
I have a special relationship with and special revelation from the Father;
I can raise the dead whenever I want to – just like the Father;
Moreover, I’m the judge – YOUR judge;
If you do not honor Me, you are not honoring the Father who sent Me;
And on two different occasions in the future, I will speak and the dead in their graves will come out to receive either eternal life or eternal condemnation.
THIS IS WHO JESUS IS. And, He’s even more than this! The truth about Jesus is the last thing the enemy wants us to hear and it’s the most important thing we need to know. This week in John 5:28-47, He calls His witnesses to testify and they will prove impeccable. I’m praying that the Lord will bless us as His Word is sown in our hearts.
Looking Forward
     I got positive feedback about my little note last week. Let’s try it again and see if it continues to help. Isn’t it great to have indoor bathrooms (with stalls!)? I’m so thankful for those of you who worked so long and hard to make them great!
     Things we mentioned in the last note: Pray about the church name; Ministry Fair (Sept. 8); Minister of Worship search; Combined evening service; Church leaders, decisions, and ministries; and the Assimilation Team.
     Let’s talk a little bit more about the Assimilation Team. The goal of this team is to get our church ministries focused on seeking lost people, seeing them saved, discipled, and engaged in fruitful ministry for the Lord. We are endeavoring to put together an intentional process that I am currently calling “Main Street SMBC.” Everything we do needs to be a point in this process (on the street) and needs to be identifiable as such. Pray for this team. I think this is the most important thing we are doing right now (after worshiping God and proclaiming His Word).
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