We are an elder led, deacon served congregation.
Under the leadership of the Senior Pastor, the Elders work as a team to give spiritual oversight and direction to the church. The Senior Pastor is the main teaching elder of the church with the primary role of preaching and teaching the word of God. Other ordained ministerial staff serve as elders with primary responsibilities in the respective areas of their calling. Lay elders who are not employed by the church also lead in the areas of their gifting and experience through the church’s various ministries and organizations.
Deacons minister to the spiritual and physical needs of families and individuals in the church through the Sunday School. They lead their assigned Sunday School classes to minister to their members and reach out to church visitors and prospects.
Both elders and deacons serve rotating terms; the elders’ terms are for five years (with the exception ordained staff) and the deacons’ terms are for three years.