Letter from Pastor John – Oct. 20

Looking Back

So, I take it it’s Pastor Appreciation Month. You guys really need to relax as it pertains to the Jickas. We have been showered with love since February 3, 2019 when we came and entered into this arranged marriage. I feel like this has been a match made in Heaven too. I hope you still do. Let the honeymoon continue!!! 
When is congregation appreciation month? You guys should have a protest or something. Just don’t go on strike!!!
I am the worst about sending cards and there are a lot of you, so let me just tell you here some of the things I appreciate about you. There is a great commandment and another that is “like unto it” and you exemplify both. You demonstrate love for God and love for your neighbor. You are sympathetic to the hurting. You desire to grow. You love the Lord’s Word. You worship with your hearts. You have a great tolerance for discomfort (bathrooms!). You like to have fun. You turn up to work. You like being together. You are patient with children and pastors who are slow to understand things. You are generous. You are great at hospitality. You are understanding. You are gifted and smart. You have been courageous and have overcome your insecurities. You invite friends, family, and random people to come. You are honest. You make me want to be a better 
pastor. My little family really digs our new church family! 
Since I have already been loved on so much, let me encourage you to appreciate the staff, elders, teachers, deacons, and each other this month too. We have great people loving, serving, and leading us. Look down the pew and tell someone, “I appreciate you.” 

Looking Forward

New Members Orientation! I am so sorry that it has taken this long to get this rolling for all of you. But it’s scheduled now. Sunday November 24th, from 4pm – 7:30pm, the new members will be spending time together. Dinner will be provided. We are going to get to know one another and get to know SMBC better. It’s going to be great and I can’t wait! 
FYI, our current membership process is possibly going to experience a slight alteration soon. We may ask new member 
candidates to spend a few hours in orientation before they are presented to the church for membership instead of after. I tell you this now in case you are considering joining. At this time, there is a fast lane to membership. Soon, it could be slower and more deliberate. So, run on down the aisle today and I’ll catch you at the altar! 
If you feel like God is leading you to join the church, talk to me or one of our members. We are open to all questions. If you are very serious, why don’t you join us at the orientation on November 24th? Call the church office and let us know you would like to attend (757-565-0476). We’ll make room. 
And on another note… Cottage Prayer Meetings for Revival
November 3rd and 7th are dates that we have set aside for Cottage Prayer meetings. Would you like to open your home for one of these meetings? Please call the church office and let us know! 
Three more weeks to Revival! 
Pastor John 
Do you need to talk with me or one of the other elders? 
Please call the church or send us an email. 

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