Music & Worship

God is our Refuge and Strength. An ever present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

What We Do

Our Worship Team is comprised of many different kinds of people. We have singers, instrumentalists, Audio Visual Techs, computer people, camera operators, and much more! Each Sunday, our team tries to create an atmosphere of worship for YOU, the congregation, so that you can give the Lord your God the praise He deserves. We combine music, lyrics, videos, prayer, etc… in order to create an environment where you can come and offer up your worship to the one true King, Jesus.

Who We Are

We are just a bunch of imperfect people looking to lead a bunch of imperfect people to worship the perfect being: God. We range in ages from youth to… lets just say, much older! We may be different, but we have one common goal: to worship the King in everything we do! (Deuteronomy 13:4, Luke 10:27)

Worship Band and Singers

Participation in our Contemporary Worship Team is open to people who have a testimony of salvation, a history of faithfulness, and proven ability to lead musically through instrumental or vocal skill.


Special Events

We have many special events that you can take part in! At Christmas, we put together a Christmas Spectacular involving singing, acting, and much more! We also have a special Easter program each Spring. We have Nights of Worship throughout the year showcasing our musical abilities and talents that the Lord has blessed us with. 


Want to Get Involved?

Please take a moment to fill out our brief musical interests survey!             Music and Worship Interest Form