Pastor John – March 19

Church plans will be updated here regularly. Please check this page often.
We will not meet again, in the church building, on March 22nd nor March 29th . By this time next week, we will tell you about the plans for the Sundays to come.
ONLY essential worship team and Sunday School team members should come to the church building on Sundays. These would be the select teachers, musicians, technicians, deacons, and those absolutely necessary to broadcast our services and Sunday School by Livestream for the benefit of our church family and guests. There will be NO CHILDCARE, YOUTH, OR SMALL GROUP BIBLE STUDIES physically meeting on these Sundays.
Again, I plead with you to participate in the Bible study and worship services as best you can, each Sunday, by watching them on Livestream. Sunday School will be broadcast at 9:45 and worship will be broadcast at 11:00. We are doing everything we can to make these easily accessible on the SMBC website:
There will also be a link on the website for our members to give their tithes and offerings on-line. If you cannot or choose not to give online, we have deacons who are willing come to your house to pick it up if you wish. You can also mail it to the church (Smith Memorial Baptist Church, 6515 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188). Tithes and offerings are a commitment that church members make because they have covenanted together with a common heart. If you are not a part of the SMBC family, we do not ask you to give financially toward our ministries. We just want to serve you and your family.
We tried a Facebook Live chat and Bible study last Wednesday night with the church ministry staff. It went well and we plan to do another one next Wednesday evening at 6:00. You can join on the Smith Memorial Baptist Church Facebook page.
For the time being, all regular gatherings and programs of the church have been cancelled or postponed. There is at least one Bible Study (the Ladies Sunday night Bible study) meeting on Facebook Live. If would like to know more about that study, contact the church office for more information.
This is a time of testing for us and we will hold firmly to our faith in Jesus Christ. This time will also test our commitment to one another. I have never believed in our church more than I do right now. We are in this together and we are here for each other. You please contact me ( or your deacon if you need ANYTHING.
Pastor John

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