Pastor John – March 25

Regular church services and Sunday School classes are online only again for March 29th and April 5th. Only those essential ministry team members involved in the broadcasts should come to the church building.
Thank you for returning again to this page for updated information regarding the church’s plans. I thought I might take this opportunity to make a few things as clear as possible by answering the question, “What is our plan at this time?”
Communication Plan – We are using these sources to get information out to our church family and those who are interested in joining us:
  • Both our private and public Facebook pages (SMBC Connections & Smith Memorial Baptist Church) – if you are a part of the SMBC family and have not joined SMBC Connections, please email me at and I will invite you.The Church Website (
  • Our church phone tree – to be added send an email to and put “phone tree” in the heading please.
  • Our church text message tree – to be added sent a text to the number 81010 and in the message line write “@smbcnews”
Response Plan – Anyone who needs the church’s assistance can contact us in these ways:
  • Call the office – We are keeping the church office open at regular hours during this crisis: (757) 565-0476
  • Contact your deacon – If you are a part of a Sunday School class, you should be hearing from your deacon regularly and you should have your teacher or deacon’s contact information. If you are a part of the church family but have not yet become involved in a Sunday School class, you can email me at
  • If you are a part of one of our ministries (Sr. Adult, Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, AWANA, Student, etc.) you can contact your ministry leader. If you don’t know who that is, contact me at the above email address.
Schedule – At this time, our regular schedule of ministry is all online.
  • Sunday School – We will broadcast the weekly Sunday School lesson at 9:45 a.m. from the Sanctuary every week utilizing our SS teachers in rotation. Several classes are meeting online in smaller groups.
  • Worship – We will continue broadcasting our regular worship service at 11:00 a.m.
  • Mid-week – We will have a Facebook Live chat and Bible study from the church every Wednesday night at 6:00. You can access this event by going to the Smith Memorial Baptist Church Facebook page.
Offerings – If you are a part of the SMBC family, here are our ways of receiving tithes and offerings at this time:
  • You can give online through the website – and click “Give” in the top right corner of the screen.
  • You can mail it to Smith Memorial Baptist Church, 6515 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23188.
  • You can bring it by the office during office hours – we will keep our distance although it will be wonderful to see your faces!
  • You can contact us (see above for how to contact us) and someone will come and receive it from you.
  • FYI, Greg Dowell (EADSM) has written about the offerings in the bulletin the last 2 weeks. You can access the online bulletin in this website. Here is something I copied from his note this week: “…We also want you to know that online giving has increased by as much as 136% in the last week! I know that will be encouraging to so many of you that are praying for God’s church to remain focused on the mission through this time of isolation. God is so good!” Thank you church for remembering our covenant together.
Future Plans:
  • Sunday School teachers are contacting their classes to assess the interest in smaller, online (skype-type) interactive classes – Those whose classes desire to do this are receiving training in how to set these groups up online.
  • Deacons are contacting those under their care regularly to make sure our church family is ok – If you are not in a SS class, please let me know so we can get you on a list and make sure you are being cared for.
  • Easter… Pastor Joey would like to have as many families as possible send in short videos for Easter (please see our Facebook pages for more information). We are doing our best to plan a meaningful service in this unforgettable time. This is another great opportunity to invite someone who wouldn’t go to church to watch and listen.
  • Ministry – These are desperate times for some and we are ready to respond as needs become apparent. Pray that our eyes are open to the needs. I know there are many of you who are willing to do whatever is needed. I am too.
  • Encouragement – We are praying about and learning about ways we can further encourage our church family during this time.
  • Celebration – Some in our church family are planning the big event celebration for when we can all be together again for worship, fellowship, and ministry. If you are interested in being on that planning team, contact me at the above email.
Those are all the plans we can make at this time. We will continue to consider and try ways to keep us all connected and growing in the Lord. This virus is opening opportunities for us to minister in the name of our Lord Jesus. Always be ready to give an answer for the hope that you have!
Love and miss you all!
Pastor John

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