Pastor John – Nov. 17

Barbara Cava organized all of the meals and several Sunday School classes fed the team. Connie Diakun organized the housing and several families hosted the team. Kenny Heath organized the vehicles and several families offered their cars. Beth and Linda did much of the shopping. Sandra and Melanie handled the details. Al and Ann kept everything looking wonderful. Joey cleared the platform, took care of the technical issues, and led worship for the combined Sunday School sessions. The First Impressions Team made our guests feel right at home. Many of you helped with the nursery and did security watch. So many of you gave generously from your hearts and were willing to say your next “YES” to God. Greg was the Revival Team Coordinator and oversaw the whole thing. And, I got all the credit and a free retreat to the Life Action Lodge. Thank you all for making this a week the Lord could use to change our lives and thank you church for being present (heart, body, mind, and soul).
Love you guys!
Pastor John

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