Pastor John – Oct. 27

Looking Back

The first word in the book of Malachi is “burden.” Malachi is heavy because God’s heart is heavy and the things He says in this book are weighty indeed. If you haven’t been with us (or if you haven’t been paying attention), this is what we’ve heard:
In chapter 1, God expressed His feelings concerning His people’s cynical, proud, sarcastic, insubordinate, ungrateful, apathetic hearts. God is hurt that His love has been met with their contempt. They have shown their feelings for Him by the defiled quality of their worship. What does our worship show about our feelings for Him?
In chapter 2:1-9, God addressed the spiritual leaders. They had a divine calling to listen to His Word, have a heart to honor His name, give His true instruction mixed with nothing false, turn many from sin, walk with Him in peace and uprightness, preserve His ancient knowledge as the messenger of the Lord, and do so without showing any partiality. But, they ALLOWED defiled worship and showed partiality with certain people. Instead of “preserving” God’s ancient knowledge, they turned from it. They violated their covenant and calling. As a result, they “caused many to stumble.” Spiritual leaders better take these words to heart! The consequences of their spiritual malpractice were that He caused them to be despised, disgraced, disqualified, and their blessings became cursed.
We have been challenged to offer God worship that is sacrificial, obedient, and worthy—worship that shows real love for God. As spiritual leaders, we have been reminded of the weighty BURDEN God has given us to actually lead with an ear and heart turned toward Heaven.

Looking Forward


We have many, many opportunities. We waste way too many opportunities. Families (kids and parents) and individuals really want and desperately need what we enjoy here. We have heart connections with God and each other. Do you know how many people are lonely or unfulfilled without this?
Here in the church we have weekly opportunities to bring someone to be a part of these connections. There are deep and meaningful relationships waiting for them. Realize the value of what the SMBC family offers and take the opportunities God is giving.
This afternoon/evening we have a Harvest Party from 4:00 to 6:00. What a great and non-threatening OPPORTUNITY to invite a friend or family to dip their toe in the fresh and cool (oh so cool!) SMBC water.

New Members…

We will present two more families for membership today—the Blackmons and the Smalleys. God has blessed us sooo much with these additions to the work and the fellowship. Please make sure you get to know these and all the other new members God has brought to us.

Cottage Prayer Meetings for Revival…

These are going to take place NEXT WEEK (Nov. 3-7)! Revival is almost here!!! We will have the times and locations available next Sunday. If you would like to host one of these meetings, please call the church office. Thanks.
Two more weeks to Revival!
Pastor John
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