Week 14 Update – June 12

It has been a great joy to worship publicly and in-person again. Week one, we had a total of 101 worshipers who were served by deacons, First Impression Team members, Audio-visual Team members, and the Worship Team. These lay leaders and staff were not counted in the 101. Week two, we had a total of 103 worshipers also served by those teams. We’re trending upward (2% increase)! We have had guests, who LOVED our church, and seekers asking questions. We had one person added to our membership last week and others are inquiring. The worship has been wonderful and the Lord has been present.
We have been contacted by other churches, who wish to open, and have heard good things about our approach. I give praise to the Lord. We dedicated ourselves to prayer and put many eyes, minds, and hearts into what needed to be done. I know the Holy Spirit has been guiding us.
The next two weeks are going to be extra special. This week we will honor our graduates and the following week is Father’s Day! It’s going to be great celebrating God’s goodness to our church family.
Most of our congregation is still connecting with us through the on-line broadcast. I’m so thankful for your perseverance and the Tech Team’s expertise that makes it happen. When we see the number of views, we are always so encouraged. If you are in the high-risk group, please continue to join us remotely. You are all so important to the church and to the Lord. We can do this a little longer.
I want to end with a special “thank you” to the Sunday School teachers and deacons who are keeping close tabs on our membership. If you aren’t in a Sunday School group, we will have a hard time making sure you are being cared for. There is a class for everyone. Contact us please and we will help you connect.
I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God (at SMBC).
Pastor John

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