Week 17 Update – July 2

Covid-19 precautions have slightly relaxed in the past few weeks. We have completed a full month of in-person, public worship on the church property (socially distanced and masks requested). We have learned much about how to minimize the risk of infection to our church family and guests. The state of Virginia still shows a decline in Covid-19 cases. These things being the case, after much prayer and deliberation, your church leadership team would now like to take another step in restarting our ministries.
Your Sunday School teachers will be contacting you soon to discuss the possibilities of meeting, as classes, in-person again. This will not be wise for every Sunday School class. Some of our classes are made up of members who remain vulnerable to the virus. These should not consider meeting together in-person yet.
Resuming in-person Sunday School groups and Bible study does not mean going back to the old normal. If a class is to meet, it must have precautions in place to protect its members. This will require creativity, flexibility, and strict compliance to our church’s Covid-19 guidelines.
We now have the prayer meeting going. The Student Discipleship Groups will begin on July 15th . Parents and children are being contacted now for VBS registration. On July 19th , we will have “Fun in the Son Day” worship services on the church lawn. If we add in-person Sunday School to this new beginning, this will be a great start!
I am so thankful to the Lord and to all of you for how we are making it through this time of trial. We have remained connected with our hearts intertwined with each other and our God. I know that many of you are still limited to our worship and study online options. Please don’t despair. The end of these difficult days is coming.
I love you all!
Pastor John

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