Sunday Morning Worship at SMBC

We believe that worship is about giving of our time, our talents, our resources – ourselves – in love and devotion to God the Father through Jesus Christ the Son, empowered by the Holy Spirit.  We are working through this pandemic as best as we can in regards to keeping you safe, but also keeping you coming to church! We have two different services every Sunday morning. The sermon content is exactly the same but the music is different. Check below for your options!

9:30am Blended Service

This service contains a traditional feel using older and more familiar worship songs and hymns. Every 9:30am service contains prayer time, music and worship, an offering, a biblically based sermon, and a chance for you to respond to what God is doing in your life. 
Come be a part of our exciting worship service and let’s give God the glory for the great things He has done!

 Sunday – 11:00am

 Contemporary Service

Our 11am service offers a more contemporary feel to your worship experience. Obviously, everything we do, we do for the sole purpose of worshipping Jesus. During this service, we have the same sermon, the same prayer time, but with different music. We sing to modern songs with a more modern feel (electric guitars, keys, drums, etc…). So come and relax and be a part of our worship service where we give God all the praise and all the glory!