2016Mar22 Steering Team

The meeting began at 7pm, with Joseph opening in prayer. The first order of business was a report from Melanie, who spent the past week calling realtors and realty companies to ask them to submit a proposal to represent the church. We briefly talked about some of the submissions we had already received, and discussed the decision-making process. Based on a unanimous consensus, as well as a recommendation from the elders and senior staff, a hierarchical ranking system was decided on, with each member individually ranking each submission, then coming together as a team to see if we have any consensus.

2016Mar15 Steering Team

The meeting was called to order at 7PM, with a prayer asking God to bless our endeavors. We immediately jumped into a review of the previous week’s activities, including a review from a conversation that Robert Brady had with Eddie Urbine, a representative of the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia, or SBCVA. Specific guidance was sought on parameters or existing by-laws that would limit us in our search for a new location. Additionally, recommendations were made on what to look for specifically in a realtor, which we incorporated into our proposed Request for Proposal.

2016Mar08 Steering Team

Meeting began at 7pm, opening in prayer. Shawn Lemon and Pastor Dave were in attendance to provide clarity and direction on what our purpose is, and why some of the guidelines were put in place. They reiterated the importance of not replowing old ground, and instead, focusing on what God has for us moving forward. A radius of 10 miles was drawn around the church, and approximately 60,000 individuals fall into the “unchurched” classification.