Covid-19 Update – September 11

Weekly Update (9-11-2020)
“9-11” always takes us back (those of us who were alive and alert back then). This week, as we continue to move daily through 2020, we are reminded that the Lord’s eschatological program is accelerating and has been for a while.
There are just a few things I need to write about this week (and yes I know my brief weekly updates are rarely “brief” or “weekly 🙂 ).
I need to say just a little bit more about the thermometer scans that we began this past Sunday. I pray that you can value that we make every reasonable effort to protect guests and God’s people who are gathered for worship. There are many in our church family that are still not confident that it is safe to come into the sanctuary on Sundays. It is our hope that those who do feel confident won’t mind this step for the sake of others. We just want to encourage people and open the doors to everyone with as few stumbling blocks as possible.
Sunday night we will be baptizing 7 (7!) people at an outdoor worship service in Chickahominy (I am sure I spelled that wrong but I’m in a hurry so I’m going to have to ask you to endure it. I could have said “Jickahominy.” Just sayin’). We will begin at 6:00 and I hope that many of you will come out to enjoy the evening together. Bring your own chairs please. If it is raining, we will move the service to the sanctuary.
Do you miss doing ministry? Would you like to re-engage? We actually need volunteers badly right now for AWANAS and the WiFi study hall. Call the office if you would be willing to serve.
This Sunday, we will begin a short sermon series on Habakkuk and I encourage you to go ahead and read it with the world’s current events in mind. Talk about relevant! God’s Word always is.
Someone pointed out to me that we had 98 computers viewing the contemporary service this past week and 78 viewing the traditional. Most of those views included more than one person. When we add that to the almost 150 total in-person worshipers, that’s not a bad Labor Day weekend Sunday! Great job everybody. Let’s continue to cling to the bond that connects us and get through these days together.
Most of us feel stressed. Please know that I am going to spend the next hour after I sign off here, praying for you.
With much love,


John Jicka