Pastor John – Dec. 1

In Our Pulpit Today

I cannot get over what God is doing! I’m sorry that I talk about it all the time. He is bringing people into this church to create a ministry that is going to be very special. Many of you have been holding the fort while the enemy assaulted. Many of you are the reinforcements. And all of you have gifts that God is going to use.
Along with you, God has brought BACK to SMBC three former pastors – two youth pastors (John Sumpter and Jeshua Branch) and one senior pastor. God is going to use all three of these men, their wives, and families to minister here and grow us. Today, we have the privilege of hearing the Lord speak through SMBC’s previous senior pastor of 22 years—Dr. Ron Wade. Here are some comments I have heard about Dr. Wade:
 • “He is a great teacher!” (Linda Marquis)
 • “He is a true fisherman…of bass AND SOULS!” (Bryan Courtney)
 • “He has strong leadership skills and has a passion to preach the Gospel. (Betty Watson)
 • “I will be forever thankful for the Wades, whose influence helped direct us to joining the church family at Smith…Best pastor I’ve ever had!!!” (Beth Anne Bisbee)
Today is going to be a very good day in worship. I’m so sorry I’m going to miss it. Sherry, Mili, and I will be in Tennessee with my family. But, our hearts will be here with you. We’re praying for you today. We love you, are so thankful for you, and we can’t wait to get back home to you next week. Now listen carefully and do what God tells you today.
Pastor John

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