Pastor John – Dec. 29

In Our Pulpit Today

Sherry, Mili, and I are away this week. We have been in Tennessee with Sherry’s dad, brothers, and their families. I prayed for you while we were away. I prayed that God would refresh you, bless your family time, and reach your lost loved ones with His lifegiving Good News. I look forward to hearing all about it when we get back together again.
Speaking of that! When I first arrived, I was spending a lot of time with you. I heard your stories, we shared our hearts, what God has been doing, and where we feel like God is leading. I am missing that and I want more of it. I still don’t know some of you really well. You don’t have to feed me. I really don’t need it! How about we meet somewhere for coffee? I want this and if you will be so kind, I’m asking if we can do more of it. Call the office. Sandra will put you in my calendar.
NOW… many of you have talked to me about how much you appreciate Dr. Jeshua Branch, Megan, and their children and how we should have him preach for us. I have had two different opportunities to hear a sampling of his God-given gift in this area and I agree with you. Not only can he preach and teach with excellence, he and Megan are authentic servants of our Lord Jesus. And, their kids are really cool. Here are some of the comments I have heard about Dr. Branch:

• “Jeshua is a real people person and an inspirational preacher. I’m so glad he is back at our church.”- Raynell Brady
• “Jeshua has a genuine heart for people to come to know Jesus. His use of visual aids while preaching effectively clarifies the Gospel for everyone. He is truly a leader for both the young and the old.”- Ron Nicholas
• “He is a passionate and fun-loving teacher and has taught me a lot during my youth group years”. – Madison Courtney
• “Despite being a Cowboys fan, he is a great preacher and teacher of the Word. Proves God can use anyone to do anything!” – Kevin Leppert

Today is going to be a great day in worship. If you are a first-time guest, I’m sorry I missed meeting you. Please come back! Our hearts are with you. We’ll be watching the livestream. We’re praying for you today. We love you, are so thankful for you, and we can’t wait to get back home to you next week. Now listen carefully and do what God tells you today.
Pastor John

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