Pastor John – Nov. 3

Looking Back

Have you seen how God has been getting us ready for revival? I have. I have seen strain in our fellowship. I have seen personality conflicts in our body. I have seen the devil tempting us, with success, to complain about people and things and lose the joy of service. I have seen sin exposed in our membership. I have heard God’s Word revealing the need for change. And, you probably have seen and heard these things too.
Are you ready to change? Are you ready to fundamentally, in the core of who you are – at the personality level, let God do serious renewal in your heart? You are the only one who can make this happen. God wants to do it. Others may have asked you for it. But you have to want it.
We don’t need a little push to encourage us. We don’t need a warm and fuzzy experience. We don’t need a new load of knowledge. We need some parts of our lives demolished and made brand new. Are you open to it? Are you ready to stop making excuses? Are you ready to stop hiding? Are you ready to be humble? Are you willing to open the door of who you are and let the Holy Spirit go to work?
We say “revival begins in me.” That is soooo true. This revival depends on you (and me) letting God in, letting God move, and letting God change whatever He desires to change in us. Revival in the church, home, and nation comes through the individual believer being ready for fundamental change.
God has been getting us prepared. Are you ready?

Looking Forward

THIS EVENING, we will begin holding our Cottage Prayer Meetings for Revival. We have 5 prayer meetings going on tonight, one Tuesday, and 6 on Thursday. Check this bulletin for times and places. I have prayer guides for these meetings and I will put them in the host’s church mailbox.
I want to give a special award to the Armor Bearer Sunday School Class!!! They receive the “Pastor’s Sunday School Class of the Month Award.” Congratulations!!! They receive this special, given only on occasion, award for having the most members volunteer to keep the nursery during Revival. Thank you Bob Marquis and you wonderful Armor Bearers for your hearts to serve God’s church and babies. Special parking spaces have been reserved for ALL of you for the WHOLE MONTH OF NOVEMBER at AAA (a short 240 steps from the front of our worship center)!!! Enjoy!
Maybe your class would like to win the award for December? We still need more nursery workers for Revival. What do you say?
No kidding, many of you have offered your homes, your cars/vans, agreed to fix meals, hosted prayer meetings, and served in other ways to help make this revival happen. THANK YOU ALL.
One more week to Revival
!Pastor John

Do you need to talk with me or one of the other elders? Please call the church or send us an email.

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