Week 12 Update – May 28

Hopefully by now, you have read my May 13th letter and the “SMBC Phase-1 Reopening: Policy Statement” that was sent by mail, email, and posted on our SMBC Connections Facebook page in the last two weeks. Please pray about whether it is time for you and your family to venture out and participate in in-person worship or not.
The services and Sunday School will continue to be broadcast, from the church, online. The worship services will be streamed at 8:00 (traditional) and 11:00 (contemporary) a.m. Sunday School will be streamed at 9:30. Please note this new time change for Sunday School.
We have prayed, studied, prepared, and trained for our return to in-person worship. A great deal of collaborative thought has gone into how we need to protect the congregation. Now we need to commit ourselves to understanding and cooperation. I ask that you try to understand why the precautions we will take are necessary. I also ask that you cooperate fully with our staff and ministry volunteers who will be doing their very best for you.
We will maintain social distancing. We have scheduled you for a particular hour of worship to keep the number of individuals in the sanctuary low. Additionally, we will seat you in the sanctuary for maximum spacing. You will likely not get to sit in your favorite pew. 🙂
Since we prepared the guidelines, Governor Northam has issued “Executive Order Sixty-Three, requiring Virginians to wear face coverings in public indoor settings to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.” We were already asking that those who come wear masks. We continue to ask this and hope you will comply. All of our staff and ministry team members will be wearing masks as well.
These are strange days and, as I have said here, they call for precautions, understanding, and cooperation. Our priorities are the Lord’s pleasure and the protection of His people. Living in a fellowship community requires us to, at times, surrender our personal rights for the concerns of others. Let’s gather in humility and joy this Sunday. I know that THAT would be very pleasing to the Lord.
Love you all!
Pastor John

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